My Transformation Journey

Realistic Expectations

As a mom of three kids, life can get hectic! This year was no exception. I had all three in different schools – freshman in high school, eighth grader in middle school, and a fourth grader in elementary. Needless to say, it was challenging. We had all kinds of overlapping schedules of evening activities and events. This can make it difficult to stay focused on transforming, as it would be so much easier to just hit the drive-thru for a few burgers on the way to or from activities.

This May has been the most challenging and hence why it has been almost a month since my last post. We have had choir concerts, award programs, banquets and numerous other activities thrown in. It can be exhausting, and as we are finally to the last few days of school, I am finally coming up for air.

It has been a challenge with my nutrition and workouts as well. I have set a new goal of running a 10K in the fall and I have begun a new running app to help me train. It has been a rough start, but I am working to get it going. It has helped setting this new goal, as I was stuck for a while after the Transform Show to find something to work toward.

As for my gym workouts, they have suffered the most. I can only get to the gym in the evenings as I work full-time, so with kids events almost every evening this past month, the gym has been put on hold.

My nutrition as been on point for the most part when I did a good job meal prepping and planning in advance. The times I struggled were when I failed to properly plan for the coming week. Sunday is normally meal-prep time and let’s just say Mother’s Day Weekend it didn’t happen which turned into a bad evening of caving to pizza.

This is why I put down a realistic goal for myself when I mapped out my plan to get to ONEderland. When I mapped out my goal, I was only one to two pounds away from 220. I knew that May was going to be a crazy, hectic month. I knew that if I was too aggressive, I would just start off on the wrong foot. So, I made sure I had a realistic expectation for May.

When we set realistic goals, it helps us mentally during our transformation. If I would have put down to lose 8 to 10 pounds for the month of May, I would have set myself up for failure and mentally I would have started out defeated. Since I set a realistic goal for myself, I am still feeling good that I am on track to stay on my mapped out plan. As of right now, I am at 219 so even a bit ahead of where I planned.

Transformation does not happen overnight and when we have busy times in our lives, it is important to take that into account. As I move forward through the summer, life will slow down around kid activities, so I know I can be more aggressive with my goals. Once the fall comes around, it will be a busy time again so I will build that into my plan.

When planning out goals, look ahead at what you have coming up in your life. Are you close to the holiday season? Do you have a lot of birthdays or events coming up? Are you like me and have tons of kid activities in the evenings that could hinder you getting to the gym? Keep all of those life events in mind as you are setting out your goals, and it will do wonders for your mentally in your transformation!

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