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Coming Full Circle

Three years ago when I started my transformation journey, I had a lot of work to do. Much of it I didn't even realize I needed to do. I thought my journey was going to be focused on eating right and getting some exercise. I never imagined that there was so much work I needed… Continue reading Coming Full Circle


2020 Reflection

Wow...2020. Between viruses, lockdowns, murder hornets, hurricanes, civil and political unrest, this is definitely one for the history books. While working on a new project today and realized I have not updated this blog since February and there is so much to update. Some of you may follow me on Instagram and I have been… Continue reading 2020 Reflection


Lessons Learned – 75 Hard Challenge

If you follow along with me on my TransformingD Instagram or Facebook pages, you know that last week, I started a 75 day Hard challenge. It is based on the idea that you pick a few things that would be mentally and/or physically hard for you (out of your comfort zone) and do it every… Continue reading Lessons Learned – 75 Hard Challenge


No One Can Transform Alone

One of the main lessons that I learned early on in my journey of transformation is that I can not do it alone. Having my God, my super-friends and my "team" of people to hold me accountable, be there to celebrate victories and let me shed tears is what has made my transformation possible. In… Continue reading No One Can Transform Alone


Realistic Expectations

As a mom of three kids, life can get hectic! This year was no exception. I had all three in different schools - freshman in high school, eighth grader in middle school, and a fourth grader in elementary. Needless to say, it was challenging. We had all kinds of overlapping schedules of evening activities and… Continue reading Realistic Expectations


Facing Fears and the Inner Critic

It has taken me a while to sit down and write about the experience I had over this Easter weekend at the Whitney Jones Classic Transform Show in Phoenix. Part of that reason is I was still trying to process all the emotions, insecurities, and successes of the weekend. In fact, I have struggled on… Continue reading Facing Fears and the Inner Critic


Epic Weekend Part 4: 5K and Sad Good-Byes

The whole Epic Weekend experience was one of the most amazing times of my life. From the amazing friendships and bonds that grew to finding a new passion in me that I never knew existed. It was an experience I will never forget. The last morning started with our 5K run. The coaches had stayed… Continue reading Epic Weekend Part 4: 5K and Sad Good-Byes


Epic Weekend – Part 3: Triumphs and Tears

The day started with a beautiful sunrise over Phoenix. The day had come as our last full "official" day of Epic Weekend and it promised to be the best one. I knew this was going to be an exciting day so I could not wait to get out of bed! First on the agenda for… Continue reading Epic Weekend – Part 3: Triumphs and Tears


Epic Weekend: Part 2 – Wisdom and Seven Minutes of Burpees

I normally don’t jump up in the morning excited to work out, but the first morning of Epic Weekend, I got out of bed and was ready to go early.  The day started with a hike up “A Mountain” or Tempe Butte (the official name) in Tempe, AZ.  This butte sits partially on the Arizona State University… Continue reading Epic Weekend: Part 2 – Wisdom and Seven Minutes of Burpees


Epic Weekend – Part 1: The Journey to Phoenix

It is hard to put into words the excitement and nervousness I had leading up to my first Coaching by Transform Epic Weekend.  This would be the first time that I would meet my coach, Bruce Pitcher, in person. The coach I had learned to trust, lean on, and share my fears, failures and successes with for… Continue reading Epic Weekend – Part 1: The Journey to Phoenix